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Fine Controls.

Having a perfect control over your camera is what ChasePlane is all about. An addition to your mouse and keyboard to move the camera, you can assign any joystick axis, sliders or buttons to move the camera where you want it, at the speed and smoothness you desire.

TrackIR Support.

Translate your head movements into camera movements in the sim with TrackIR.

ChasePlane supports TrackIR out of the box without time consuming configuration.

Static Cameras.

In ChasePlane, you can move the camera wherever you want in the world using Static Cameras.

Select from a predefined list of camera positions or create your own at any time.

In-Sim View Selector.

In ChasePlane, you can access ChasePlane functions and select camera from within the simulator without even going in the ChasePlane user Interface.

SImply click and hold the Middle Mouse button or assign a button to bring up the In-Sim View Selector.

Motion Effects.

In ChasePlane, motion effects react to the environment around you. The aircraft's motion is calculated multiple times per frame to give you a sense of immersion.

Each effect can be tuned to perfection in our dedicated Motion Effects tune sections

Download Camera Presets.

The community is what makes this product great. Instead of having to create presets for every aircraft you own, simply pick some from the community directly!

The Community section in ChasePlane will present you with the newest and most popular presets available for your aircraft. Simply import them and go!

A Leveled Horizon.

ChasePlane uses new technologies available in Prepar3D to allow for a horizon-aligned view of the aircraft.

This feature we call "Gimbal" will make your flights much more enjoyable by keeping the horizon leveled when flying from the outside of the aircraft.

Cloud Backups.

Your presets are backed up and stored in the cloud. You don't have to worry about them.

In addition to your local copy, your presets and user settings are stored in the cloud to prevent any loss of data if your computer fails or if you forgot to keep a copy of your data.

Learn easily

There are many ways to learn and use ChasePlane

Fully featured

There are lots of features in ChasePlane.
Checkout how it compares with other software of the same kind.

ChasePlane Others
Head Tracking Integration
Joystick/Gamepad and keyboard integration
Configurable joystick/gamepad or keyboard shortcuts for presets
Assign the same shortcut assignment to multiple preset to cycle them
Assign a joystick/gamepad axis to control the camera
Named Assignments
Documentation and user help
Support forums
Direct email support
Detailed user manual
Facebook Support Group
Built-in interactive tutorials
Importable presets from other aircraft
Aircraft Alias (Directly use the presets of another aircraft)
Realistic motion effects
Advanced tuning options for each type of motion effect
Pause motion effects when moving or scrolling the mouse in the cockpit
Static camera mode
Pre-generated Runway and Parking presets based on your installed airports
Filtered and sorted presets based on the camera's location
Auto-Launch with the simulator
Option to disable Auto-Launch
Use your mouse to look around
Middle mouse button to look around (+ hidden cursor)
Control assignment to toggle mouse look
Sticky mouse look
Scroll to zoom
Built-in VAS indicator (on 32bit simulators)
VAS visual alerts
Camera control from the interface
Direct input of camera position and zoom
Minimize to taskbar or tray option
The name of the loaded camera preset is visible in the taskbar
Full camera control (including roll and smooth zoom)
Importable 3rd party presets (*.ecs)
Follow horizon when the aircraft is in a turn
Live HDR controls for each independent camera mode (P3Dv3 & P3Dv4)
HTTP server with JSON output of simulation and camera variables
Walkaround Mode in Static Camera Mode
Binoculars feature to quickly zoom in and out
In-Sim View Selector
Cinematic mode with manual control
Advanced gimbal stabilization
Built-in community to share, find & download presets
Automatic synchronisation of your presets and preferences in the cloud
Customizable transitions curves per preset
Option to keep the window always on top
Modern, stable and easy to use user interface
Copy & Paste of specific camera settings
Aircraft tracking in Outside and Static modes
Set your own defaults for motion effects, controls and advanced options

Others include Ezdok v1, Ezdok v2 and OpusFSI as of September 27th, 2018


Please read the following limitations and known bugs before buying the product.

  • In FSX & FSX:SE, the In-Sim View Selector and Framing Overlay only works in windowed mode.

    Due to the technologies used back in those days, the In-Sim View Selector and Framing Overlay only works in windowed mode when using FSX & FSX:SE. More recent simulators like P3D v2 and newer are not affected by this issue in fullscreen.

Minimum Requirements

  • Microsoft Flight Simulator X (with SP2, Acceleration Pack or Steam Edition)
    or Lockheed Martin Prepar3D v2.5 or newer;
  • Windows 7 or newer (64 bits);
  • Quad Core, 3.0 GHz processor or faster and at least 4 GB of RAM;
  • Active Internet Connection is required to install and activate the software;
  • VFXCentral (You can get it here);
  • An OldProp account (You can create one here);
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6 or newer
Buy now $39
  • Digital downloads are not refundable.
  • When buying ChasePlane, you agree with the limitations listed above.
  • Buying ChasePlane will give you 1 license to be activated on a single system. You are allowed to transfer this license to a new system every 3 months.