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Hi folks!

As many of you know, Aerosoft has released a new version of their A318/A319/A320/A321 series of aircraft. A320 Family Immersion is not compatible with the new version of the aircraft and we are looking at various options right now. Because it's a brand new aircraft from a system's perspective, it's not a straightforward port from our current version of A320 Family Immersion.

At this time, it is very unlikely we will see an update for A320 Family Immersion until early 2019. When we do it, it's going to be a paid update (with upgrade discounts).

As with any time estimates in this community, it is subject to change at any time, in both directions. That's it for now, don't worry, we have some cool thing coming in October!

The FSFX Packages Team

EDIT: Modified the title to add A320/A321