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Hi Pilots,

It's April again and we have something creative to give you for April Fool's Day! In previous years, we created Trike Immersion, Droppable objects in ChasePlane (Still accessible if you type "dropit" while in the User Interface by the way...). This year is no different.

We have created a little game in ChasePlane. If you own ChasePlane and are running the Experimental version 0.4.xxx (Can be enabled in the Preferences), you most likely have seen a fish jumping around the user interface every once in a while. If you click the fish, you gain points, if the fish jumps away you lose a point and if you misclick it's game over!

Your top scores are communicated to us and the Top 3 winners will be announced on our Facebook page when the contest ends on May 4th, 2018. Winners will get to choose a product of their choice.

Note: Starting April 2nd, you will have to click the version number to start the game. You can disable the game from the Preferences if the fish is distracting you!

Enjoy the month of April!
The FSFX Packages Team


A bit of a delay, but we have the winners of our April Fool's Fish game!

1: LB777 with a score of 381
2: smyalygames with a score of 359
3: JAN with a score of 323

Congratulations to the winners! Please contact us through the linked page to claim your prize!