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Hello Captains!

As many of you are aware, Prepar3D v4 will be released later today. Over the past few months, we have worked really hard to bring ChasePlane to this improved 64bit platform. We are happy to announce that ChasePlane is currently working in Prepar3D v4 out of the box. There are a few features that aren't working like smooth zoom and static cameras but we are still at it and we estimate that by the end of the week, everything will be sorted out and 100% working.

For PrecipitFX, an update will be published later this week to allow users to install it in Prepar3D v4. Obviously, our Rain & Snow texture replacement will not work with the new particle rain and snow but if you want to run our textures in v4, you can disable precipitation effects in Prepar3D v4's settings.

Our Immersion packs are very dependent on 3rd party aircraft compatibility. At this time we cannot publish an estimate because we have not tried our effects on any of those aircraft as most of them aren't available for the platform yet.

This is a great time for our community. The limits are raised and our imagination is the only boundary.

Enjoy this new 64bit masterpiece!

The FSFX Packages team



P.S.: Here's a great performance comparison by Jordan King featuring ChasePlane!