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We are still hard at work, bringing new features and eradicating bugs in ChasePlane. We are so excited about what we've done so far that we decided to give it all to you as a huge early update!

In the coming days, we will be releasing Alpha 1.5. The best features of Alpha 2, before Alpha 2. Yes, that includes built-in support for TrackIR and transfer of control assignments when importing presets from other aircrafts. Here is a comprehensive list of what's in the Alpha 1.5 update, scroll down to see changes in the user interface

New/Enhanced features

  1. Built-in TrackIR support
  2. Improved performance and stability (fixing stutters for most users)
  3. Follow Horizon feature
  4. Tunable turbulence to control frequency, amplitude and even choose the axis affected by the movements
  5. Saveable Static Cameras
  6. Dynamic listing of static cameras sorted and filtered by distance.
  7. Mouse is now hidden when moving the camera using the middle mouse button
  8. Scroll to zoom option per preset
  9. Transitions can now be tuned per preset, you can even change their easing functions!
  10. Manual control over the Cinematic Mode
  11. Potential fix for Keyboard and Mouse freezes
  12. Reworked In-Sim View Selector with better compatibility 3rd party mouse drivers and support for HiDPI displays
  13. You can now set your own defaults for turbulence, controls and advanced options using the new contextual menu
  14. You can now copy a specific setting to all your presets for the current aircraft using the new contextual menu
  15. You can now directly search for specific controls assignments in the preferences
  16. Possibility to reorder presets by entering the desired index
  17. Option to automatically track the aircraft in Outside & Static views
  18. Reworked turbulence sensibilities
  19. Option to enable Gimbal stabilization
  20. Sticky Mouse Look
  21. Speed and inertia for focal (zoom) adjustments now have dedicated sliders
  22. Option to minimize to taskbar instead of the system tray
  23. The position of the main window is now saved
  24. Slew Mode detection
  25. You can now control default simulator views like Spot-view when using ChasePlane

When & How to get it

ChasePlane Alpha 1.5 will be available in the first few days of January. To get Alpha v1.5 as soon as it becomes available, make sure to check the "Experimental versions" checkbox in ChasePlane's Preferences. You will be able to go back to v0.1.89 if you so desire. We think that's a pretty good late christmas gift for you guys, we really hope you enjoy it!


Integration of those features in the UI

Enhanced In-Sim View Selector

Static camera presets and modification controls

Range selector for filtering of Static cameras

New sliders to control the speed and inertia of the focal (zoom) adjustments + new icons and new General Options

New customizable transitions


New camera preferences


Advanced Turbulence tuning