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717 Immersion

Effects package for the TFDi 717

717 Immersion was designed with an intricate attention to details. The small size of this passenger jet aircraft makes every single effect more noticeable, more enjoyable and above everything, more immersing! We have hand-placed every effect to bring them an edge closer to perfection. The effects displayed in 717 Immersion are of utmost quality and provide an immersion that is second to none!

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See details at the bottom of the page before buying.

Performance at first

Respect for performance is dear to us. Several hours of testing with some of the big names in the community went into making sure our product has little to no impact on performance. We think we have reached the perfect balance between incredible effects, great frame rates and an extremely low memory footprint.

Volumetric lighting

Volumetric lighting on the 717 is absolutely stunning! The unique set up of lights on the Boeing 717 makes the volumetric lighting quite impressive. It is through the volumetric lighting on a foggy night that one truly understands the complexity of the 717 exterior lighting system! It’s quite the light show!

Cloud illumination

Nothing beats flying into a muddy sky and gliding from one cloud to another, seeing those two landing light beams lighting up those clouds! The cloud illumination feature changes the way we fly in our sims. It is a new feature that we have recently introduced which increase realism ten-fold!

Wing condensation

Wing condensation is now a well-known feature of our Immersion series. However, never have the wing condensation effects been more sharp and on point to fit with the angry puppy’s look! The melding of the wing condensation effect with the wing flap’s trailing edge condensation effect is simply awe-inspiring!

Cold start

The two engines on the Boeing 717 are humongous in relation to the size of the plane. You bet you that the cold start effect on the 717 is very, very impressive! There is nothing better than looking at that early morning smoke blowing off from these two engines with fierce and power!


Nothing is more satisfying as to see the difference between our volumetric contrails and the default ones. As such, we made it our priority to make the contrails feel and look as genuine as possible for the Boeing 717. The contrails are not only sharp-looking, they are faithfully representing the true 717 contrails!

+ many other effects

As always, 717 Immersion comes with all the other great quality effects that you have come to love from us. These include but are definitely not limited to touch down smoke effect, brake dust upon retracting the gear, volumetric rain, wheels spray and engine wash!

Immersion Manager

Enable, Disable, Preview effects directly from the interface in a few clicks in Immersion Manager.

Immersion Manager installs through VFXCentral, our very own distribution software.

Read more about VFXCentral...

An active Internet connection capable of accessing North American servers is required to install VFXCentral, Immersion Manager and 717 Immersion.


Please read the following limitations and known bugs before buying the product.

  • Effects are not visible during instant replay.

    Prepar3D’s replay system is very limited and does not allow the replay of advanced effects systems.

Minimum Requirements

  • Lockheed Martin Prepar3D v4 or newer;
  • TFDi Design 717
  • Windows 7 or above (64 bits)
  • Quad Core, 3.0 GHz processor or faster and at least 4 GB of RAM;
  • Active Internet Connection is required to install and activate the software;
  • VFXCentral (You can get it here);
  • An OldProp account (You can create one here);
  • .NET Framework 4.7.2 or above

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Buy now $29
  • Digital downloads are not refundable.
  • When buying 717 Immersion, you agree with the limitations listed above.
  • This product only works with the TFDi Design 717 and is not compatible with any other aircraft.
  • The TFDi Design 717 is not included in this package and are sold separately on TFDi's website.
  • Buying 717 Immersion will give you 1 license to be activated on a single system. You are allowed to transfer this license to a new system every 3 months.